Mojo make frames in bronze-welded chrome-moly tubing. The tubes are bent and profiled to suit the individual frame, and can be drilled for oil-in-frame as an option. All frames are pressure tested to ensure the integrity of the structure prior to finishing.

Repairs and alterations

Accident damage, cracks etc. can be repaired depending on the extent of the damage. Alternative engine fitment, head bearing conversions and head angle and frame alignment adjustments etc. are all possible depending on the application.


Bronzewelding is a relatively low temperature process which doesn't melt the parent material. This results in the tubing retaining more of its original (pre welding) strength, and is therefore ideally suited to the manufacture of chrome-moly steel structures. The tube is less likely to crack close to the weld and won't require lengthy and expensive heat treatments. A bronze weld absorbs vibration better than a fusion weld, which is a distinct advantage in a motorcycle frame.

Tube bending

We currently have formers to bend tube from 1/2" to 1 5/8" diameter. These are designed to bend chrome-moly tubing with a minimum wall thickness of 17swg (1.4mm), and can also be used for other materials. The formers produce a bend with a centre-line radius of approximately 4 times the tube diameter.